The Statement of Work is a contract that outlines the deadlines, scope of work, and project expectations. A good SOW functions as both a contract agreement and a project management tool. Ours does just that.

Master Services Agreement And SOW Template


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In the template, you'll get a legal document needed to Cover your SaaS:

  • Master Services Agreement & SOW Template so you can outline the deadlines, scope of work, and project expectations - a contract agreement and a project management tool

So What Comes In Every Template?

Template in Word File format

Compatible with Pages, Word, OpenOffice and other office suite programs

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A Template Usage Guide

To help you get started with your template

Access to Cover-Your-SaaS Guides

Explains the major provisions in your template in everyday terms, so you can understand the contract you’re sending to clients

Access to the SaaS contract portal

Includes tutorials for customizing your template and uploading it to common client software providers

A listing inside the K Club™ Directory*

A small business directory where you can connect and share your products or services

Future Template Updates

We'll keep you posted on any updates or improvements we make

Which Makes This Template Perfect For SaaS Owners

  • Online Business Owners

  • Shop Owners

  • Graphic Designers
  • Bloggers

  • Calligraphers

  • Photographers

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